Booking Module

With physician schedules, speciality schedules and multi-Clinic schedules.

Electronic Medical Record

Including Patient History, Allergies, Lab analysis, Medications and Prescription.


Reach Your Patients remotely video and voice wherever they are without Physical Presence.

Billing and Reports

Get a full detail financial analysis of your internal and external transaction. And generate any kind of reports you wish for.

Inventory Management

Manage everything you buy, store or expend and get a clear view of your warehouse.

Surveys and Loyalty Program

Get feedback and get reviewed about your service & get in touch with your patient and implement loyalty program for them.

Patient Portal

Get your patients involved in your own clinic app and reach their data, evaluation .. etc. & create your own fans.

Website Included

Get your own website included free.


From Physicians To Physicians

- A trusted cloud-based practice management system - Intuitive Interfaces
- 100% higher patient satisfaction - 24/7 Access From Anywhere
- 15 Minutes saved per patient - Detailed metrics and reports
- 40% more profit - Always online, always secure
- Unify workflow across your practice - Seamless integration with other vendors

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